Pet Training

Sep 2023

When it comes to reactivity, every dog is an individual. Our approach to working with each dog may vary based on the root cause of the reactive behavior. Some dogs are only reactive when there is a leash or barrier keeping them from getting to the trigger.  Other dogs are reactive to something as simple as movement.  No matter how your dog reacts to their trigger, it can be helped with training under the guidance of an experienced behavior consultant.  A reactive dog can learn to look to your for guidance when......

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Jan 2023

Does your pup become anxious when you leave the house? Dogs with separation anxiety can be triggered when their owners leave, and this can lead to destructive behavior and extreme stress. It’s important to understand why dogs become anxious in order to help them feel more secure. Let’s discuss some tips for managing and easing dogs with separation anxiety.  Identifying the Cause of Anxiety  The first step in helping your dog is to cease absences and stop the rehearsal of the state of panic. It's important to understand that dogs with separation anxiety are......

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