Learning About Your Dog On A Personal Level

Every now and then we like to test our nursery trainers to see if they can Identify dogs while blind folded.  It's always a lot of fun to do!  But the most interesting thing is that they always say that it's easier to identify dogs by their mannerisms than by the way they feel.

Some dogs move quickly from stimuli to stimuli.  Some dogs always roll over on the floor for the belly rub.  Some dog are a little anxious and prefer keeping their distance.  It's those little indicators that help our trainers know exactly who they're dealing with.

These same mannerisms are the the things that inform the way that we train dogs.  Not every dog learns the same as the last.  And it's important that we are sensitive to what each dog needs.

Every dog gets a little bit of a different experience based on how they respond to training.  That's how we make sure that our training really impacts each student in a significant way.

Wanna see Jenna guessing which dog is which? check out this fun little video we made.