Day Training

Do you wish that your dog could be trained by a professional?

Have you ever wondered why you can’t just get your dog trained without having to find time to do it?

If you prefer to have someone train your dog for you, you can enjoy the experience of returning home to a well trained dog who is also a tired and happy dog! With our Day Training services:

  • Your dog is trained for you while you are at work during 1 hour sessions
  • Report cards are provided after each training session that tells you what your dog has learned, what we’ll work on in the next session, and how you can help to maintain the training we’re doing
  • We provide “transfer” sessions with you so that we can teach you how to get your dog performing as well for you as he does for us

To request day training services, existing clients can easily book online through our pet portal! New clients are encouraged to give us a call or submit the contact form below to schedule an initial consultation. We ask that you send us a brief summary of issues that you are having with your dog in your message. Thank you!