Day Training

Building Skills Where They're Needed Most

Four Leggers Day Training Program works in areas where you need it most – at your home, in the park, etc. We visit your pets while you’re at work, running errands, or even working from home. During this 1 hour session, your pet will be trained in the areas you need it most! Many pet parents opt to replace dog walking with Day Training as it offers a potty break as well as mental stimulation for the dog during the day.

Transferring Behaviors

To receive the most out of our Day Training program, we recommend a minimum of 3 sessions per week, but many parents opt to schedule Monday-Friday.

Each week we will schedule a transfer session with you, the pet parent, to go over what your pooch has learned this week and teach you how to instruct your dog to offer the desired behaviors. During this appointment we also discuss your dog’s progress, and continue tailoring the program to fit yours and your dog’s needs!

Each Day Training program includes:

  • 3-5 Sessions per week (client and trainer can discuss ideal number of sessions during consultation)
  • 1 Transfer Session per week
  • Report cards on your pet’s progress each week
  • Instructions on learning theory, how to clicker train effectively, and handouts geared toward your dog’s specific needs


To set up Day Training, give us a call at 978-922-4182, or visit our online booking page to set up your initial consultation today!

Working outdoors with one of our training dogs on developing positive associations with strangers.

Two reactive clients enjoying a training outing together.